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Which K-pop group do you belong in?
Ever wondered which K-pop group is the right fit for you? Find out now (It might even be your bias group)!
What would your position in an idol group be?
A. Leader
B. Vocalist
C. Dancer
D. Rapper
E. Visual
F. Maknae
G. 4D
Which of these instruments would you choose?
A. Drums
B. Violin
C. Guitar
D. Saxophone
E. Piano
F. Cello
G. Flute
Which superhero would you want on your team?
A. Captain America
B. Superman
C. Batman
D. Spider Man
E. Thor
F. Hulk
G. Iron Man
Which of these movies would you want to be part of?
A. The Lord of the Rings
B. Harry Potter
C. Star Wars
D. The Hunger Games
E. The Maze Runner
F. Star Trek
G. Pirates of the Caribbean
Your Big Bang mentor will be TOP!
Your Super Junior mentor will be Siwon!
Your Got7 mentor will be Jackson!
Your 2PM mentor will be Taecyeon!
Your VIXX mentor will be N!
Your EXO mentor will be Lay!
Your BTS mentor will be Suga!
So, which group are you going to be part of?
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