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These feet and Hermes heels belong to Kim Kardashian West. These heels give off a boho chic vibe that is perfect for hot summer days. Unfortunately, these heels are not available for normal folk like us (remember, Kim K. is special). Even if they were available to us, I have a feeling they would be upwards of $1,500.
Kim Kardashian West has stepped out in these Hermes heels at least five times, which is saying a lot for a woman who normally doesn't wear anything more than once. Don't worry if you don't have Kim's wallet (does anyone?).There are many cheaper options out there for heels that look almost identical to there Hermes beauties.
These Chinese Laundry heels look almost exactly the same as the heels that Kim K. is rocking. But there is one clear difference: the price. These heels cost $70 so you'll still be able to buy a kick-ass outfit to go with the heels. These heels also come in other colors so you can shake up the neutral look with popping colors.
Here is an even cheaper option to copy her shoe style. These Marbel heels are $32 and give off the same boho chic vibe that Kim's Hermes heels have. These heels also come in black.

Shoot down the high prices for heels with these cheaper options!

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