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No need to learn latte design with this $1,000 machine that prints out costumizable art for you! It’s taking the caffeine pick-me-up to the next level...amiright?
Let your barista know what you want and they can choose from a variety of imprints over the machine’s WiFi interface. OR you can also create your own text, or customize your own design with a smartphone app. The 3D printer then takes your design and “ink-jet” prints coffee extracted from a “Ripple Pod.”
Essentially it’s like a photograph printed onto your latte.
The video is actually pretty darn cute. And after Starbucks revolutionized the coffee community culture the latte art market was bound to be turned into a social art experiment. This machine pushes the social coffee shop to the next level. The art takes no artistic skill though, so it’s a little less impressive than the skill barista.
But who wouldn’t want to have a little Miley in the morning? I say yes to this cool machine any day.
So cool!! I love how 3D printing is changing our world :)
Completely! I love how fun it can be too...especially with this example @allischaaff
This machine really is cool. I wonder if there's any cafes that still have it out there. Also, true story, one of my friends made a complaint that Starbucks doesn't do latte art (back when I used to work there), so when I went into work the next day, I drew a picture of him on top of a cappuccino with caramel sauce and chocolate shavings. It was hoooorribly messy and inaccurate, but hey, who said we can't art?!
Pics or it didn’t happen! haha Jk. You should pitch that to the designers of the machine...Caramel flavored pictures would be the best! @danidee