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Last night I watched Louis CK: Live At The Beacon Theater, one of the long-time comedian's many standup specials on Netflix. The special starts with Louis walking up to the theater in jeans and a t-shirt, nodding to his fans and looking surprised that people even recognize him. That scene itself is pretty indicative of his personality, like he's not quite sure why he's famous, but he's just gonna go with it.
He jumps right into his standup, happily touching on sensitive subjects like marriage, divorce and being a single dad. Each situation he describes involves a bit of self-ridicule. Within the first five minutes of the special he calls himself a "professional asshole".
For anyone who is disturbed or uncomfortable with self-mockery, Louis CK is probably not for you, but I think that his self-deprecation is part of what makes him such a good comedian.
He's the everyman. He's insecure and confused, just like us, and he's not afraid to make fun of himself for it. He thrives on honesty. It's dark, it's offensive and at times, it's a little bit sad, but it's pretty real. I appreciate that in a comedian - someone who can make you laugh, but also make you think a little bit.
He's written and produced lots of standup specials over the years, at least three of which you can find on Netflix.