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Trying another Flash fiction challenge presented by Vin, this ones theme is "Desperation."
I am pushed against the wall, arm across my throat but I am choking on my sobs more then the pressure that keeps me in place.
"Please," I am begging, groveling, while people walk down the sterile hallway, eyes cast downward, hoping that counting the tiles will numb them to my pleas.
"Don't take him from me, I need to see him, just let me hold his hand please,
Don't take him from me," I scream and a nurse comes towards me with a syringe, a wordless assault I can not fight.
"I'm sorry but he is already gone" she says, and sticks me with a needle, stealing my goodbye with a darkness that stops everything.
When I awake I am in the bed across the hall. Across where he use to be. And now I am begging the same nurse for darkness again.
And now I'm desperate to read more...! @LizArnone this is great!
jesus. You really nailed the flash here. You got all this great storytelling in such a small space, conveying everything solidly and desperately. I loved this piece.
@hikaymm thanks so much!!! ill be doing a flash fiction every time vin posts one because their so fun! stay tuned lol ill be sure to tag you in next weeks !
@VinMcCarthy thanks so much! i don't know why i go so dark but i loveeeee the flash part its a challenge and forces me to jam emotions into every word
Dark and desperate