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Today in the News: Weed and One more Second.

Today in the News...

1. Today the world will have an extra second of time. We will all leap (second) for joy! I’m sorry, my puns are a bit (time) consuming. 2. Apple Music was released today. It’s new users are streaming for more...but really though the stream-o lovers will enjoy the new hardcore playlists... 3. The American Ballet Theater announced today that Misty Copeland was promoted to principal dancer in the company. She’s pretty on-point when it comes to stellar dancing. 4. Free Weed tomorrow in Portlandia. The free samples will probably go really fast, so make sure to get there before they Oregon. This is part of the Punny News collection. Follow my funnies.
Hahaha many thanks @danidee and @FreyKinyon. Now if I only had a crown...
Bahahaha. that's great!!
BEFORE THEY OREGON. I applaud you, Princess of Puns.
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