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My eyes are locked such that they don’t move from over her, While (the age is such that) I am unable to cut a silk thread with my teeth, I was old long back and my hair are white now, (but) the black clouds of youth don’t want to go. O god, my heartbeat is raising, the color of my face is going (that means I am ageing) I am afraid of sleeping alone, (My) heart is (still) a child, it’s a bit coward, yeah, my heart is still a child.. Who knew that the heart, so close to me, could be such scoundrel, I always thought it would be a pure soul like me only, it gives so much importance (to things), makes so much noise, keeps track of useless things, there is no one as mean as the heart, someone stop it, someone check it, I’ll be cheated in this age, I am afraid to love.. My heart is still a child.. My heart is so sad, I am fearing even while laughing, I passed my entire youth away (from love), And now I am meeting (her) in old age, When the heart beats, I feel- she is coming here only, but not looking (at me), It’s hitting me with the knife of love, Oh my.. Why don’t these moments pass, Why don’t they move away from my eyes, I am feared, don’t tell me, My heart is still a child, It’s a bit coward, Yeah, my heart is still a child…
I haven't seen this kind of usage of parentheses in a poem in a long time. Interesting!
This is awesome!!! @ErtizaAbbas
I really, really love this. I think my heart is still a child, too,....naive and easily hurt...