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recently BTOB's Yook Sungjae has gained popularity by his role on the drama "Who are you: School 2015" and being a singer on Masked singer.
BTOB's Sungjae discussed his sudden spike in popularity at the showcase of 'Complete', the group's first LP, held at Seoul Sangam District. Sungjae said humbly on the show "I had no idea that a program where I wear a mask and that the drama would be loved so much [by the public]. When I'm a just a nobody. I simply wanted to show what I had to offer and prove to the [BTOB] hyungs that the maknae can do as much, but it's an honor since people gave me so much love [for my work]. I feel more responsible, and now I think I should be more careful with each word [I say]."  source credit to allkpop. com
I have to say as a Melody( 2 years strong!!) i am proud of him and hope to see him in more shows and hopefully maybe a solo debut.(?)