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Listen to BIGBANG - IF YOU by L2Share♫10 #np on #SoundCloud
Guys *heavy breathing*...this is the hanguel version of "If You" by of course the one and only Big Bang xD if you havent already please check it out ..and if you guys have a souncloud the person who posted this songs basically keeps me updated with every new song that comes on in Korea like the very next day...depending on where you live...for example for me its the day after the release. Whether its a new OST song or debut song ! Anyways hope you guys love it as much as i do...personally I prefer this version better. ^.^
OMG!! you should add this card to the big bang community too! and join it LOL!! I love this version~~~~
i joined it i just dont know how to share it with them >.< @kpopandkimchi
figured it out xD @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga have you heard this version ???!!!!!!