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Looking for a great smelling, all-natural bug repellant this summer?! This bug spray is super easy, great for kids, fun to make and only has a handful of ingredients. Put all the ingredients in an 8 oz. bottle, shake and spray...keep the bugs away! (Disclaimer: Not an actual bug in the photo...!)
Young Living Oils has so much more to offer. If you have any interest in ordering a Premium Starter Kit and receiving a 24% discount, use this link. Choose (Wholesale) Member and the Premium Starter Kit (USD160). Send me a message if you have any questions!!! I promise, you will love them!!
I know, right?! They are amazing. Everyday I find out more and more uses for them! It's endless. Do you use Young Living oils? Did you get a kit? I LOVE using the diffuser as well!!
my fiancee's aunt invited to an essential oil party and I'm hooked. I love using them. its amazing the wealth of uses oils have and the knowledge behind ever oil. thanks for starting this collection @ curateyoga