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[for @VinMcCarthy and his Flash Fiction prompt]
Okay, so it was around my birthday, right? And she was acting really, really, goddamn weird. I couldn't get it, she, like, left the weekend before my birthday, you know? And I was like, oh she's probably going to go and get me something really sick [cool] for my birthday so she's probably travelling all this way just to get this really, really, sick [cool] thing for me, you know? So, I went out that weekend but my plan was to come back on that Sunday [the day before his birthday] and you know, wait for her to come back. [lights cigarette] So, when I got back to the apartment, there was this car in my spot and at first, I was like, "...okay, that's weird" but whatever right? Just park down the block, so I did. But then I get to the fucking apartment and then I hear it. Just gross, sloppy, moaning. And you know, I'm just like, fucking goddamn, not again, you know? So, I was pissed, I was fucking livid. So I got the, uh, tire iron from my trunk and climbed up the balcony behind our apartment. "Desperate times", you know? Anyway, I kick the back door off the hinges and there she is and there he is, looking at me like I'm the asshole. What the fuck right? Long story short, I beat the shit out of that guy and left her.