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Watching this interview (and looking through their press conference photos), you wouldn’t think Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook hadn’t known each other before working on this drama. Having only been acquainted with each other for a few months, the level of familiarity between them is comparable to one that exists in 17-year friendships.
Is Ha Ji Won always this bubbly in interviews? In any case, she seems to be enjoying promoting the drama. She certainly made it known at the press conference that she’s having a good time being at work every day, and my delusional fangirl side thinks having Lee Jin Wook as a co-star contributes to that pleasure. You can tell that his admiration for her is genuine, and it isn’t just backed up by his praises but also by his body language and his attentive gaze at her during parts of the interview.
Okay, yeah, I think there was some flirtation on his part during the interview, and who wouldn’t be naturally attracted to Ha Ji Won? 😉
Subconscious attraction or what not, the chemistry between these two is exploding, and there are 16 episodes to keep us high on it!