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That awkward moment when you have to act familiar with someone you haven't seen since you were a fetus.
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I am so embarrassingly good with faces that I remember my preschool teachers ._.
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@aabxo I think I could probably remember my preschool teacher too... but only because she was really scary D:
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I only remember those who had some kind of impact on my life-positively and negatively. Some I wish I could forget but I've been here too. lol@danidee
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@TerrecaRiley do you have a big family too?? I have so many aunts and uncles that sometimes I forget how we're related..
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@danidee lol. Worse thing about my family is that, starting from the generation before my parents, they live what I call soap oprah lives-full of bastard children so I don't even kno who in related to. When I listen to how many women some of the men had children with and how the mother's moved away (inland and overseas) with the children... ok!I gotta stop now! I'm getting confused and a bit dizzy!
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