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Well even if its not Thursday I want to mention a throw back to one of my faviorite songs ever Super Juniors sorry sorry answer version, I love this song so much the vocals are simply delightful and the reason why I fell in love with my ultimate bias Kyuhyun <3
@gijan0298 mr bean OMG HAHAHAHAH and yeah they're just too much to take :'))))
hahahha I'm mainly a CRAZY vixx fan hahah hakyeon is my LIFE
OMG really?? haha we have great taste ;) and i can see from your profile pic u like BAP well guess what i do to!! Love them ao much my bias is Jongup
WE ARE SERIOUSLY TWINS OMG KyuHyun is MY bias from suju mainly cause of this era!!!!
It's funny how they haven't changed at allll. Like if you swap their hairstyles with the ones they currently have they still look the same XD Love you Suju! <3
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