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Super Junior Throwback
Well even if its not Thursday I want to mention a throw back to one of my faviorite songs ever Super Juniors sorry sorry answer version, I love this song so much the vocals are simply delightful and the reason why I fell in love with my ultimate bias Kyuhyun <3
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hahahha I'm mainly a CRAZY vixx fan hahah hakyeon is my LIFE
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yassss they really havent at all haha they so look the same @aabxo
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OMO haha i am too they were my first kpop boy band i went to see live ! I love ken but after seeing them live i cant pic anymore ravi and mr.bean are my bias runinner all of them actually XD @kpopandkimchi
2 years agoReply
@gijan0298 mr bean OMG HAHAHAHAH and yeah they're just too much to take :'))))
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