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Hello nice too meet you all. Hope to get along with everyone here in the kpop community and anyone on vingle :) just in case any of you are curious about me, I'll share a little bit of information about myself.
1. real name is kiara 2. Born in Wisconsin 3. im currently 20 years old ( was born on 01/25/1995) 4. ive always been interested in Japanese culture since i was 11. 5. got into kpop in 2012!! ( All thanks to my best friend!!! ) 6. my main two groups i like is BTOB and Shinee. 7. I ship myself with Btobs Sungjae ≧∇≦ #kijae lol 8. currently learning Japanese and in college for graphic design
im really kind so dont be afraid to chat with me! ~thanks!!
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Welcome!!!!! My friends all say that if I was a member of BTOB i would be Changsub HAHAHA and I took some Japanese classes too - actually I studied abroad there for a summer in high school^^ Glad to have you here~~