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Braid without brushing your curls
The good thing about this hairstyle is that you don't have to brush your hair to make it! only people with curly hair will understand how important this is haha So let's start 1 step : you start from what ever part of hair you want, whether you want the braid to be on the right of on the left, you section the hair on three and you braid it a normal braid Step 2: after the initial you add a little hair to each one of the tree hair tails you have in your hand from the initial braid and you braid again, you keep braiding and adding a piece of hair until you reach the bottom of your head Step 3 : secure the braid with bobby pin et voilaaaa :D PS : in ordor for the Bobby pin to stick spray some hair spray on it before securing the braid
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Thanks for providing instructions to this tutorial! Do you mind adding a title so people could search for your card? :)
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aaaah that's true! thank you so much for your help!!
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