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Just in case you didn't know, Elie Saab can do no wrong! So I share these three dusty pink cocktail designs of his to see which of the three would you wear to the Rehearsal Dinner or as a guest to the wedding? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could wear these as a bridesmaid? Heck, if you're a bride of your own creation, you could wear this too.
These are chic, sexy, youthful with an edge. I love the textures too. Did you notice that these models are wearing flats?! Yeah! I can hardly believe it myself. There's something incredibly naughty about that. And I like it. What are your thoughts on these? Is it going to be A, B or C?
Share your comments below. And if you want to see more Elie Saab, and I know that you do, then click here!
YES! This is a great one @brittnieJackson You can never go wrong wearing Elie Saab. This guy knows how to dress a woman!