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How awesome is this quote? I am not a die-hard quote guy either, but this one is TRUTH!
Do you have a favorite quote or poem that speaks to you and your relationship with your fiance? Maybe you have one that is the theme of your wedding! Please share your stories in the comments below. It really all boils down to love, right? Sure, the dress and the cake and the music, it's all important and part of the big day, but what really matters is turning "home" into a whom.
Here are more quotes that you may find just as great!
I know the exact feeling. In the past with other's I might have thought I loved I wouldn't have been comfortable out of my box per se or my own home town. But a boyfriend I had in10th grade and then he moved to the other coast that summer but we always stayed friends and wrote and talked on the phone and lived our separate lives but reconnected just 3 yrs ago and I felt I had come home. It didn't matter where he was or we were he was my true love and he always will be. Sadly, due to some technical issues with his child custody etc a relationship just isn't in the cards for us at this time. But he loves me and I love him and no lifetime will ever change that or that feeling of just being home especially when I lie my head on his chest at night and he holds me and all the world is a perfect place at least for the time being! It's just that special warm tingly lifetime this is the one forever feeling!
@ChristinaBryce @marshalledgar @onesmile Thank yall! Such sweet comments! I am a hopeless romantic! Which means I only hope we all find the same feeling!
@redridergirl As always you give me hope for finding that kind of connection!!! I love reading your comments. Even if its not the right time now, I hope it will be someday for you guys. Like @marshalledgar said, it must be true love!!!
I understand this sentiment, even I don't think it'd totally apply to me? I guess I've always thought of myself as having many homes (with family, with myself, with friends), so this would just be me realizing I'm ready to add another "home" :)
@redridergirl I love your last sentence! Totally on the mark! I too hope you can get that connection!
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