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Fun Heatless Hairstyles for the Beach

Baguette Bun

This was found on Hairstylist Kayley Melissa's blog. I've seen many dutch braid and bun combo, but this one is really unique. The bun is not bulky or round, instead it resembles a French baguette. I made a comparison picture on the next slide. Doesn't it look similar? It's fairly easy to do on your own hair and I think it'll look really cute for a day out on the beach. It has an effortless look I can't describe (e.g. it looks like you tried, but you didn't).
Slide through the picture for a video tutorial.

5 Cute Heatless Summer Hairstyles

I don't even know how I came across the twins, Niki and Gabi. They're extremely bubbly and pretty talkative, but it's really easy to follow along their tutorials. If you're looking for a cute on-the-go hairstyle this video has 5 listed. As demonstrated from the video, you don't have to do this in front of a mirror.
Enjoy! :)
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I don't if anyone else have the same problem...sometimes wearing a high bun makes my neck and shoulder hurts, so when i do put my hair into a bun it has to be low. I can't wait to try the baguette style.
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I have that problem too, @maymay75! I love twisted side buns for that reason – it keeps hair low, but still semi-off my neck. @ChelseaHeyes I love the twins' take on the braid wreath!! Can't wait to try – maybe for work tomorrow :D
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