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So today is Tuesday and I was trying to figure out what to post......Turnback Tuesday......Transformation Tuesday. And then it hit me, I'll just do both. So with out further ado here is my post.
It might take awhile to figure it out but how can you not tell by that charming smile. Yup, I have turned back time to a little GD. Just look at all of those smiles and how he is so fashionable even at a young age.
You guys remember the time GD transformed into.....GD. Lol female GD is awesome. I wish Big Bang would come out with more drama parodies so that we can see GD and TOP as the female leads as well as Daesungs.....
....Smell ^^
But GD oppa has also transformed into a glittery vampire thing..
As well as a librarian
There was also the time he became a traveling vagabond....or something
There was also that time he was growing seaweed on his hair and it finally became real.....
And finally my last turn-back with both a young GDxYB As you can see, GD has transformed a bit over the years and has grown right in front of our eyes. ^^ Big Bang fighting!!!!!
This is really amazing how it shows how much he's grown!! (・∀・)
Aaaahhhh baby GD!!!!!!!!! (❁´▽`❁) I can't even handle that cuteness....
Haha so funny :)