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Gathering is all about family and friends bonding through food and games. Hey, but documenting all the silly and memorable moments are important too! You can't have a party without taking pictures. Here is a modern way to party - set up a photobooth. Say farewell to snapping random photos from the party that are either out of focus, over exposed or under exposed. And say hello to fun-posing, snappable and share-worthy photos. Follow these steps to make your own festive photobooth.

1. Make a fun backdrop

This is the most important step for a good looking photobooth. Play around with different pattern and texture such as start prints and garlands. You can even use a flag as a backdrop!

2. Grab a prop and strike a pose!

This is the fun part of setting up a photobooth. Grab a few wooden sticks and glue on your designs such as sunglasses, flag, tie, and mustache.

3. Add balloons to fill empty space

You can either fill the room with red, white, and blue balloon or take it to a whole new level by filling in glitter. Kids love them!

4. Bring in the confetti poppers for an extra dose of fun.

You can make your own use by filing an empty push-pop with confetti.

Don't forget about your family pet!

Tip: Most people setup up their photobooth with a DSLR camera and hook it up with a touch screen monitor. You can also take photos with your phone.
I'm totally into that backdrop too, @onesmile!! It looks so effortlessly chic.
Doggie Booth is my favorite! Who can resist?!
I love love LOVE that fan backdrop at the top!!! I want to make one!!!