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K-Pop Challenge: My List Of Bias Wreckers
So I'll be honest and say I wasn't going to do this challenge (because I am 29 aka an old and should not be thinking about K-Pop biases), but @PassTheSuga has officially chased after me to get it done, and we are bros, SO... ONTO MY BIAS WRECKER LIST!!!
So first off, this is my ultimate bias. His name is Seungri and he is in Bigbang. (If you didn't know this information, why are you here?!) I love Seungri because he is kind of an idiot. Am I the only person that loves talking about how dumb and weird their bias is? Maybe? Okay.

JR and BamBam of GOT7

Okay, so JR is my GOT7 bias, but BamBam is a jerk and has to do something really adorable that always has me changing my mind. (Between JR's abnormally large ears and BamBam's Thai accent, I just think they're both really, really cute, okay?!)


So San-E doesn't know this, but we've been dating for like, two years already. Just kidding. Insert a loud, crazy laugh followed by scary, clingy sasaeng eyes here.

Jun.K of 2PM

I don't even know why I like you so much, Jun.K. Your stage name is literally 'junk' with a period in it. BUT YOUR VOICE IS SO GOOD. WHY WHY WHY WHY. Okay, anyway. NEEEEXT.
And my female wild card....

Min from Miss A

Min is the coolest female idol in the entire universe, and I'm not even exaggerating. LOOK AT THIS GIRL. She seems so laidback and always ready to share a laugh with her friends, which is something I can totally relate to. MINNNNNNNNNN.
Now that I'm done embarrassing myself on Vingle, I am going to go to sleep and have wonderful dreams that me and all the above people are having a pizza party. I hope you've all appreciated my bias wrecker post.
Seungri, you're still the best. (Even if you're kind of weird.) <3
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