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Photographer Slipped; Best Wedding Photo Ever?!
I cannot stop laughing at this photo!!!! The photographer slipped on the wet ground and snapped this in the process.
Take a moment to examine each and every bridal party members face because they're all pretty priceless, though I think one of two looks a little bit angry (which makes NO sense, if you ask me). I think the bridesmaid that is still smiling is probably my favorite. Probably.
Chase Richardson also took a whole bunch of beautiful photos for the wedding party, but this one....this one is definitely the best!!!!
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that bridesmaid thinks it's funny and everyone else is astonished. no angry faces, that's just the way their faces are when they're astonished or frightened or scared
@TerrecaRiley I think you're right hahaah everyone is just surprised or kind of laughing lol its great
LOL! The bride with the smirk is the best. The runner up is groomsmen with the w-shaped beard.