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One of my favorite scenes in The Princess and the Frog is the scene where Naveen decides he's going to propose to Tiana and declares during dinner "This is a disaster," but she let's him know that it's cute. It's cute that he's so excited and embarrassed in love! It's cute!!!
Naveen is too adorable in his attempts to be cute. It's OK if you're kind of awkward, Naveen---she still loves you!!
So here's the point: when you really care about someone, you might embarrass yourself trying to explain it to them or trying to get your confession out, and that's totally okay! Love makes us goofy and awkward and it might seem like a total disaster but it will work out!
(spoiler warning?)
It worked out for Naveen and Tiana, after all :D
@ChristinaBryce it was about time he learned how to struggle for something he really wanted!!
Naveeeeeeeen. He could have had almost any girl, and he chose the right one. I'm honestly glad he had to struggle a bit!!!!