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Junsu's surprise single released three hours ago. :) His voice is always sweet, but today, coz it's Christmas Eve, it sounds sweeter. :)
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omg..miss junsu so much...
@torn745 You're welcome! @syairah12 Are you a fan of JYJ or do you still miss TBXQ?
@medusa...can I say both..personally I miss TVXQ..even my phone full with their songs and my wallpaper photo is them..the 5 members..well,,since I started to know them since all the 5 members together,it`s a bit difficult to forget them together even though they already I`m writing an essay...
@syairah12 I know that a lot of TVXQ fans still miss them. Sounds sweet tho. :)`re right..many fans really hope they will become TVXQ with 5 members again.