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...for my cat to wash the dishes for me tonight XD Xmas is finally tomorrow! What do you want for Xmas? Maybe there's some secret Santa hiding somewhere on Vingle lol. Let's see who'll get the funniest Xmas wish :D
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haha!! trauma of a girl's life.. how are you doing?
@neaa I'm doing well, but I wish you could be here more often with us! I'm not doing anything too new, just relaxing, though I know you're doing the exact opposite. (>_<) too..yeah..more new games will come soon... @neaa..I wish that too..but knowing your student's busy you's okay..keke
@syairah12 I've decided to really start posting stuff in the video game party. It's so quiet over there. :D
i have classes.. plus being with friends in hostel takes up most of my time.. miss you guys a lot!