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I'm a lifeguard and wearing a simple bun or ponytail gets boring everyday at work, so i wanted to spice it up a bit. I feel like braids are super cute and are good ways to make sure hair stays put. So this is probably going to become my go-to hairstyle for work now because it keeps it out of my face, off my neck, and is super cute. You could also use this hairstyle for any dates, like I did because it was so fast, easy, and cute to do. Here's how I pulled it off: 1) Separate front hair from the rest of my hair. Clipped back the bigger chunk of hair. 2) Began braiding the hair up in the front. I only pulled hair from the front of my head. After I braided it as fair as I could, I held the braid with 2 bobby pins. 3) Next, I brushed over the rest of my hair to the side the braid went to. After I did that I proceeded with a normal braid. When I got to the end I twisted it into a braid (I would have a bunch of bobby pins sprayed with hairspray readily available). I pinned my hair with a bobby pin where the end of my hair was. I suggest not letting go of your bun until you feel it is secure enough. 4) After my bun was good and secure I grabbed the end of my braid and took the bobby pins off. Then I wrapped it around the braid bun and pinned it. 5) I placed a couple of more bobby pins around the bun and gave my hair a quick spritz of hairspray. Lastly, I pulled a little of the hair around my face and made very loose curls with it. Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Your job sounds super fun! I'm so embarass to say this but I still don't know how to swim. i'll learn it some day. By the way, super cute hairstyle and it will definitely keep the frizz at bay.
well done