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It was a huge deal when it came out that Hillary Clinton used a personal email, rather than her government issued one, while working as Secretary of State. She ran a private server out of her home for the necessary protections.
Now, those emails are being released in batches, and in the most recent batch there are emails from an old friend and informal adviser Sidney Blumenthal, and Republicans are trying to use those emails to show the influence that he has had over her for a long time.
I can understand the concern about her using a private email server, sure, not that I think the governments are that much stronger. What I cannot understand, however, is people actually getting upset that she discussed world issues with a long time friend and adviser who was not employed by the government at the time.
Because really, government affiliation does nothing to confirm that you won't lie or cheat or leak info. It does absolutely nothing!
That besides, people in the US are getting more and more obsessed with people being related to the government OR ELSE when it comes to be in the know on confidential info. But how are our leaders to learn and to truly have an accurate worldview of everything going on around the world if this is the case? Within the government everyone has an agenda. Sidney does, too. But by speaking to as many different kinds of people as possible, our leaders can learn more rounded views of world issues, and I see nothing wrong with that.
@nicolejb Sorry for the lateness. REally I don't think any substantial criticisms of her will come out of the emails. I'm not sure what might come up, but this isn't it. My biggest criticism of her is simply that she has changed her views with time, and only in a way that brings her power, not just as a reflection of her personal view changes. When gay marriage was out, she didn't support it. When it became "in," she did support it. SHe also relies on money from big corporations. THere are other candidates out there that do not do this, and that have held true to their ideologies without changing so easily.
Do you think it’ll be something coming out of the email investigation? Or something else @drwhat?
@shannonl5 Even the content doesn't seem to be that big of a deal to me, based on what has actually come out. I'm pretty sure any politician who's emails were released would have this kind of stuff going on. It's just expected! @nicolejb I'm pretty sure this won't be the thing to phase her, though something else might come up.
@drwhat I think you're right. If anything, she won't face much scrutiny until the debates start happening. I feel like this far out, people aren't as engaged with the presidential election yet. I do suspect that running against Sanders means she'll aim more towards the middle.
That makes sense @drwhat there are plenty of valid criticisms of Hilary Clinton and I agree, this isn't one of them!
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