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my first experience with kpop was in fourth grade 5 years ago. it was june 3rd and my mom told me that i had to miss out on the lsst day of school because of the roadtrip to my grandmas house. i was very sad i had to miss out of the fun day. but my aunt came up to me and said "here this will make you feel better" and she showed me bonamana by super junior. i fell in love with kyuhyun and for 4 years that continues. but last year i found bts and now i have jhope. i hope to see my favorote artists grow to be wonderul people with thier music. and i hope to one day be apart if this industry. i want to becime a singer! anyway im happy i was sucked into the greatest commuinty of all time (kpoppers) and it is filled with some of the best peeps in the world. HWAITING!!!!!
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