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So my friend gave this to me as a birthday present last year, and today my mom "borrowed" it and she destroyed it Now you can only see T.O.P's and GD's chins, and Taeyang's chin and one eye, you can't even see Seungri or Daesung... why mom? whyy
@PassTheSuga haha I already did I played Loser and then sober and remembered all of the good times we have been through together 😭🙏 R.I.P Big Bang cup
We should have a funeral for this dearly departed cup .( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू ) Such a tragedy....
Omg, one time when I was in middle school, my mom accidentally bleached spots on one of my favorite band t-shirts. I know that feel. I was so sad, but then my mom ended up tie-dying it and pretending she made that mistake on purpose.
@danidee I believe so it does have three floors but I'm not so sure what do you mean by Music Plaza
@danidee it's called Korean Town Plaza it's in Korea Town in L.A. it's by the hotel where BTS was working in American Hustle Life. But it's this really cool plaza that have many Korean stores and one of them is this kpop store and it literally had everything xD so if you will ever visit L.A. make sure you visit this place
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