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Hey guys! So I've recently been surfing YouTube for all the videos I can find on the new 2015 SM Trainees and I found a video giving their names, birthdays, and the languages they speak. I will post the video later on a different card, but I just have to post this now because It is Taeyong's birthday! Happy birthday Taeyong!!! That and he's my favorite trainee right now... ^~^
He's also my fave :) ever since SM started to promote the Trainees
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He almost looks like Kris and Kai and Donghae? A little?
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@kpopandkimchi I thought he looked like Chen, too.
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@KpopGaby Yeah that chin/jawline! I totally see it!
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*kpopandkimchi Also the eyes. It kinda looks like Taeyong also has camel-like eyes :P
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