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The 4th of July really isn't my favorite holiday, but there is one thing that I adore about it: the fireworks!!! I'm a sucker for a good fireworks show (I've even paid to go to one of those restaurants with a nice view of the show before....don't judge!!) and the 4th has so many. My favorite place to watch the shoes is from the water if they're near a river or something, though.
Here are 4 awesome July 4th fireworks shoes I found on Youtube :) Hope you get to see a spectacular one this year!!! Let me know where you plan to watch!!

Disney's Celebrate America at Magic Kingdom!

These two videos are from 2013 and 2014, and it never gets old!! I love the Celebrate America shows and can't wait to see this years. Actually, they show the show everyday from July 1-7, but there is a longer more spectacular show on the 4th!!!

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks

Seeing the big lights in the big city is no joke!!! Macy's fireworks show is pretty amazing every year, and I've heard people scope out where they will watch from MONTHS in advance! You can also buy tickets to go in the buildings nearby to watch. Pretty cool, right?
(oh and this one is televised, so you can still enjoy it at home! There's usually some big names performing, too!)

Boston Pops Firework Spectacular

Every year, the Boston Pops Orchestra puts on a performance on the 4th of July!! America themed pieces are played, and things like the 1812 Overture above are ALWAYS supplemented with awesome cannons and fireworks!

Fireworks in the Nation's Capital!!

What better place to celebrate America than in the capital? This videos shows the view from in front of the Lincoln Memorial facing east toward the Washington Monument. The show starts at roughly 1:40.
I know I'm missing out on synchronized fireworks shows (aka with awesome music!) buth besides the Disney ones, you usually don't see that kind of display on the 4th anyways :)

Happy Early 4th of July, everyone!!