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I can't even remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes. The problem with not cleaning them periodically is that they can harbor bacteria and can cause breakouts. Ew. Whenever I get the sudden urge to clean them, I quickly realize that all of the professional makeup brush cleaners are incredibly expensive. So how do you clean makeup brushes without spending a fortune?

The answer: dish soap!

This tutorial comes from Elegance and Beauty Reviews. All you need to do is mix some dish soap with warm water and swirl your makeup brush around in the solution until it is completely clean. A good way to check to see if it is clean is to brush it on a clean surface (a paper towel or napkin) and check to see if it leaves any trace of the color of the makeup. If it leaves a color trace, keep washing. If it brushes clear, you have finished cleaning it in the solution.

Make sure you rinse your makeup brush after you have finished cleaning it.

You don't want to brushing dish soap on your face so thoroughly clean the makeup brush with warm water after you have finished cleaning the brush in the dish soap solution.
I wash mine with Dawn dish soap and a little bit of olive oil. The olive oil keeps them soft.
I've been buying MAC's brush cleaner when I could've been using dish soap this entire time?!