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Hot off the press, Wednesday's Lyric of the Day hits us hard straight from Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's Bad Bad Hats and their "Fight Song," and it's really good.
"Picture the end now
elbows on tables
let me down easy
my heart is fatal"
For me, this is one of those lyrics that actually feels more like a poem than a song. I love the juxtaposition of the really mellow sound with the title, which would have you expecting a hard rock kind of thing.
For those who take pride in finding new music, this is a great one. The female lead vocalist reminds me some of Lana del Rey, who you probably like more than I do. But maybe that'll turn you on to this group, who deserve some attention, and have an LP called "Psychic Reader" coming on on July 7.
You can download their earlier project, "It Hurts," for free here:
I bet they are amazing. I usually have to listen a few times before I really like a song or group but they are amazing
really like this song thanks for the share
@SueClemonsMarsh you're welcome! I'm glad you liked it- I was really excited when I discovered these guys!