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The Calorie Count Of Alcohol is Shocking
Trying to eat healthy is difficult when we live in a world where unhealthy, processed foods are convenient, cheap and just taste so delicious; I'm looking at you mozzarella sticks. Now lets talk about trying to be healthy in your college and post college years because our kryptonite is shots, mixed drinks and shotgunning beers.

And the only way to be healthy is to be informed! So I might as well rip the band aid right off. Here is the shocking Calorie Count of our favorite drinks! I cried a bit while researching this.
SHOTS (1.5 oz)

Vodka- 96 cal per 1.5oz

Whiskey- 96 cal per 1.5oz

Tequila- 96 cal per 1.5oz

Bacardi Rum- 98 cal per 1.5oz

Gin- 110 cal per 1.5oz

Jagermeister- 111 cal per 1.5oz

Everclear (just to shock you)- 226 cal per 1.5oz
What the fuck.....?

So I guess the age old diet idea that clear liquor is better isn't exactly true. All these are pretty high in the calorie count and I didn't even add the chaser because I care about your happiness. But if you are just ripping shots with no chaser, more power to ya.

If you want a more in depth calorie count, GetDrunkNotFat has the count for different proofs and brands. Unfortunately the higher the proof the higher the calorie count, hence Everclear is similar to a McChicken.
Classic Mixed Drinks

Wine (5.2 oz)- 121 calories!!

Martini - 295 calories per 4 oz

Skinny Girl Margarita- 300 calories per 12 oz

Long Island Iced Tea- 529 calories per 12 oz

Vodka Tonic, no lemon or lime wedge- 169 calories for a highball glass (8.5oz)

Rum and Diet Coke- 172 calories per 12 oz

Gin & Tonic, no lime wedge- 255 calories per 12oz

Bloody Mary- 125 calories per 10oz

Vodka and Red Bull- 366 calories per 12 oz

If you want to compare the nutrition facts of your drinks to foods visitCalorieKing!


Bud Light Platinum- 137 calories per 12 oz

Bud Light- 110 calories per 12 oz

Miller Lite- 96 calories per 12 oz

Corona Light- 99 calories per 12 oz

Coors Light- 102 calories per 12 oz

PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon Light)- 113 calories per 12 oz

Amstel Light - 95 calories per 12 oz

Its clear that beer gets a bad wrap! Some of the beers have less calories then shots and all of them have less calories then the mixed drinks! So maybe we shouldn't call it a beer belly, just a drinking belly!
Man, I need a drink. All in all this list made very depressed, especially with the biggest drinking weekend of the summer coming up in 3 short days (4th of July obviously). So here is just a few short things to keep in mind while tossing a few back.

1. Go for the light beer, and the lighter liquor. Even though it has less alcohol it also has way less calories.

2. Avoid the sugary mixed drinks! Use tonic water if possible. But not regular water...I had a vodka water once and wanted to die.

3. Just say fuck it. If you avoid the drunk food and don't drink every day you'll be fine. And make sure you enjoy yourself when you do drink, no one wants a guilty drinking around.

I'd rather have a few drinks with my friends then calorie count any day. My abs won't make me laugh until I pee myself, but good friends and enough shots will!

Happy Drinking!

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This post has made me feel an array of emotions @LizArnone most of which fall onto the sadder side of the spectrum :( I say that life is too short and picking which days you want to treat yoself is fine in my book! Should I grab a drink now? Too soon?
@skee292 i know right!! i just wondering why alcohol has to have calories haha except like I said I'm perfectly fine with treating myself on the weekends ... and whenever i feel like a drink is necessary lol