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Two geniuses figured out how to make money while watching and talking about Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Guys is a podcast featuring two guys, Kevin and Demi, who watch Gilmore Girls episodes one by one, then sit around and talk about the best and worst parts.
To some, this might sound incredibly boring, but to true Gilmore Girls fans, it's the best podcast out there and you'll be jealous that you didn't think of doing it first. The guys discuss everything from Stars Hollow fashion to the thousands of pop culture references in every episode.
The episodes can run a little long as the Gilmore Guys go on lengthy tangents and get into heated debates about Rory's best boyfriends (they hate Jess, which is a point of contention for me). In true Gilmore Girls fashion, they talk fast and they talk a lot.
The show is especially interesting because one of the hosts is watching the show for the first time. This gives him a fresh perspective different from those of us who have seen each episode two (or ten) times. The guys also have some pretty funny guest hosts and even got to interview Scott Patterson (Luke Danes)!!!
Any true Gilmore Girls fan looking to fill the hole in their heart that came with the show's end will love Gilmore Guys. It lets you reminisce about the show and feel better knowing that there are others out there just as obsessed with Gilmore Girls.
@christianmordi this show is seriously everything!!! i was obsessed with it when i was younger and they recently put all the seasons on netflix so i obviously had to rematch all of them. Definitely worth watching !
@LauraFisher omg i LOVE THEM!!! they tweeted at me once so i died
Cool card! Awesome idea from these guys.. I must be honest I have never seen an episode of this show. Everyone says it's pretty good though. Can you compare it to a show, maybe that will pull me in.. is it like Dawson's Creek?
@christianmordi it's a bit like Dawson's Creek, yeah. It has the same sort of small town vibe. I've also heard it compared to Parenthood. It's an awesome show in my opinion, really well written and full of endearing characters.
@LizArnone I think you'd like this podcast as much as I do!!