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I remember when I was going to the gym everyday -- twice a day, I hit a wall. It wasn't so much of a physical wall, but rather a mental wall. I began to despise everything about the gym: the iron, the smell, the congested space, the mundane routine -- it was swallowing me alive and spat me out tired.
Sometimes even your favorite hobby can turn into a chore. I've experience this from different outlets, even from writing. I think that when you overextend yourself to a certain joy or hobby, it can burn you out. You force yourself to keep doing the thing -- but you slowly lose that flame for it. With that being said, it's okay to take breaks and take a breather. Even with the most fun gym workouts, the daily effort of getting to the gym can be boring and exhausting.
I wonder, has anyone else thrown in the towel and left the gym almost for good?
As it marks the 4th week since I've been away from the gym, I am starting to miss it. I can sort of compare it to being around your significant other every minute of the day -- you just begin to feel somewhat exhausted -- or maybe that's just me lol. It doesn't have to be a bad thing -- sometimes we need to miss something to get back that flame we used to have with it.

I am ready to put on my running sneakers, get my diet back on track, and run fast and far.