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What's the drama? Cha Jung Woo, a engineering student falls in love with Na Ae Ra when he meets her at the restaurant where she works. She likes him back as well and they soon get married. Ae Ra's only request from him is that she wants to be a housewife and not have to work and Jung Woo agrees with her. On their 100th wedding day, Jung Woo tells her he quit his job in an attempt to start his own business. However, he keeps failing and Ae Ra ends up having to work multiple jobs. When he keeps failing and they are no longer able to pay the bills, Ae Ra divorces him after four years of marriage. Three years later, Ae Ra discovers that Jung Woo has become a successful businessman while she's still paying the debts from the time of their marriage. She plans revenge and Jung Woo thinks she wants him back for his new wealth. Will they put aside the past and reconcile?

Why is it great?

1. The Comedy
Alright, imagine a divorced couple working together in the same office. Now add in the fact that both are equally sassy and are trying to get revenge at each other. Does it get any funnier than that? Forget the passive aggressive fights, these two go straight for each other's throats! As sensitive as the storyline of the drama is, you will be laughing at these two most of the time!
2. The Second Lead
Yes, it will be torture. As usual, there's a super sweet, perfect second lead that caters to Ae Ra all the time. And in a way, she leads him on (mostly as a revenge tactic to hurt Jung Woo). But you will see his puppy face and sweetness and fall for him. But we're used to it, right K-drama fans? Sigh...
3. The Bromance
Okay, bromance is my favorite thing in K-dramas. It's just so adorable! Jung Woo and Yo Han have a cute bromance in this one! They met at a PC game lounge when Jung Woo's business was failing and he was going through divorce. Since Yo Han was there to support him at that time, Jung Woo took him in with his new business venture that was successful. Yo Han is primarily the reason Jung Woo can tolerate Ae Ra at the office!
4. L
Say what you want about his acting, but L is adorable in dramas! He is the perfect best friend to Jung Woo in this one and an amazing wingman. He's the kind of friend that makes you realize what you're doing wrong without actually pointing it out! He is totally a reason you need to watch this drama!
5. Ae Ra
Ae Ra is probably one of my all time favorite K-drama female characters. She's realistic. She knows what she wants. And she is isn't afraid to be herself! She was firm in her dream that she didn't want to work (which is a totally acceptable lifestyle!). But when things didn't work out, she wasn't afraid to take on 2 or 3 jobs to support her husband. Only when he failed continuously for a long time and she suffered miscarriage did she end things with him. For once, a K-drama character that stood up for herself. You will love her character in the drama!
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@VixenVivi I liked the part when she was drunk in Macau and singing super loudly while she paddled a gondola in Caesar's Palace lolol
@danidee 2nd leads are always horrible people XD atleast in BOF she was a good person and gave up her feeling for what was right to do. She was awesome and so was her body gaurd lol
I know I'm stalking your drama cards, sorry XD This drama was so funny and every one was adorable (cept the 2nd female lead but hey what's new) I loved it all!
I loved this drama so much. I feel like Lee Minjung always plays the most engaging characters. I liked that she ended up as one of his interns and how she always treats him like she's below him because she remembers him as someone who couldn't accomplish anything when he's the one who's currently above HER when it comes to ranks lol.
@poojas I actually almost finished watching first episode today... I'm already into it. And L... I recently found him in a different drama. It's called "The Time That I Loved You 7000 Days." I suggest you watch this one too. It's actually a new drama, and can easily be found on DramaFever. It has two episodes out right now, and will have two more, I believe, updated every week.
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