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Okay so I meant to do this like forever ago (when it first came out) and here it is. How do you guys feel about this song? Cuz even though I want to give Verbal Jint a chance!!!
'she said I don't like you cuz you're so busy' those lyrics make sense to me. I've said it when I felt lonely in a relationship. 'But actually she dislikes hip hop itself', everyone to their own preference >~ Oppa I'll take you with all you got! I love hip hop bs I love you!!!!
'Dali Van Picasso, what is that anyway', whaaaaaat? Chick, don't you know Beenzino? Don't you pay attention to any type of art? .....she really did slap him though....not feeling it!
I want this foot rub so badly!!!!! Oppa I love your music! I don't want to read books instead!!!! ....oppa I like you for more than one reason....>
^-* *wink*
I care about your feelings!
@stevieq hahahaha you're too cool. I think we're cut from the same cloth.
@PassTheSuga lol I told oppa (my phone) that I will beat who ever it is for you
Daaaaaaamn....I wanna smack this girl upside the head  ̄︿ ̄ the girl he wrote the song about that