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The one thing I hate about my country is that food is so expensive here! Especially when I want to eat healthy. As an unemployed, I have to settle for sodas, carbs, tin foods (the cheapest)... nothing good. (We don't get unemployment benefits here) Sometimes I can't even find money to buy a candy. ((If only I could get paid for job hunting... lol)) There are many things here I'd love to try but I just can't afford it. I don't even have a fridge to preserve anything in. I know I'm griping and complaining here but I just wanna get it out there for whatever reason. I guess I'm seeking comfort and moral support. Does anyone share my dilemma?
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@allischaaff @TerrecaRiley Lmao! Awwww thanks!
@jlee37 Eggs. Only eggs. :'(
That's it!?!?@danidee
@jlee37 lol I'm overdue for a grocery shopping trip
You think so??? Lol!