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This information is basically vital to your existance. How have you survived up to now without knowing what Sherlock ship you are on the inside? What if you compiled all the clues but drew the wrong conclusion?

How can you go on living if you don't find out RIGHT NOW?!

Take this quiz and get your life back on track. That's. What. People. DO!!! (Fanart by fowlhunter)
Keep track of your responses, whichever option sound most like you will lead you to your answer! You won't need any Sherlock-grade deductive skills for this one... You are most often described as:
A: Curious B: A total bro C: Lively D: Intense E: Gentlemanly
What do you most want out of life?
A: Adventure B: Bees in the countryside C: Power D: Entertainment E: Coffee and cake
What is your favorite quote from the show?
A: "Know when you're beaten." B: "I'm not his date." C: "Did you miss me?" D: "I owe you a fall." E: "Not my division."

Your life is about to change for the better. Are you ready?

A: Adlock

You're mysterious all right! You've always been clever, and you enjoy showing off. It's difficult for you to find people you can relate to, but you're not lonely. You've got your enormous intellect to keep you company, and we all know brainy is the new sexy!

B: Johnlock

You're popular. Everyone knows who you are, and you're welcome oretty much everywhere. You're universally appealling, and you don't even mean to be. In fact, it's probably a little confusing for you. Don't worry about it. Everyone believes in you! All you need to do is learn to believe in yourself.

C: MorMor

You're like a well-kept secret. Stealthy is probably your middle name (your first is Murder and your last is Rampage). You're obscure, and you like it that way. You don't want fame, you just want to control your criminal web from the shadows- I MEAN HAVE FUN ON YOUR OWN. You might not have recognition now, but you'll have your time to shine one day. (Fanart by superfizz).

D: Sheriarty

What even are you. That's hypothetical, don't answer that. You've got charisma, everything that happens to you almost feels like fate. You've got an intimidating streak too. People are probably terrified of you when you're at your best. But you have a lot of internal conflicts that slow you down.

E: Mystrade

You're an old soul. You avoid conflicts, and take care of others. People like you are rare. Meeting you is a privilege that few get to enjoy. You might not have glory or fame working behind the scenes, but you've got a lot of heart, and the good you do for the world is enough validation.

There you go, your life can continue now.