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Netflix is already king of streaming services, and it's well on its way to dominating the entire TV industry.
A study came out yesterday showing that over a third of Netflix subscribers have cut the cord, canceling their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming their TV online. At the same time, cable TV ratings are falling drastically, with viewers favoring originally series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.
As a millennial, cable TV isn't something that I care too much about, and I've gotten used to watching Netflix on my computer. What I do care about is $$$$$$$. The study also shows that you can cut the cord and get most of your favorite shows and channels online for almost $20/month less than a cable TV subscription.
The only thing keeping cable TV alive anymore is sports. Once providers figure out the best way to stream these online, I predict cable will be abandoned forever.
The days of watching Reba on ABC Family at 4 in the afternoon will be over, but you'll be able to stream the entire series anytime you want on Netflix. Technology exists to make our lives easier, and isn't that why we love streaming services so much?
I give cable TV about 5-10 more years of popularity before it joins floppy disks, dial-up and landlines in the graveyard of outdated technology.
@shannonl5 yeah the amount of money you can save is really surprising! I think waiting for the next episode will be okay, as soon as everyone is waiting. Or streaming services could do what HBO does and put the new episode up one hour late. That way people are pretty caught up on their TV!
My dads' cable bill is close to $200 a month and he barely ever watches tv! I think especially now that it's easy to stream Netflix and Hulu on your giant television, it's only a matter of time before people realize how much money they're spending and make the switch. Sure you have to wait sometimes for the latest episode, which means you miss stuff like live tweeting and have to avoid spoilers, but for most people the price just can't be worth it