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Just announced! James Bond: the Musical. You heard that right... Bond is headed to Broadway.
I’m sad to say that I don’t know much about the suave 007 spy, but I do know if this production means villains, stunts, and Bond girls, then it’s going to be a musical worth seeing.
Executive producer Merry Saltzman (daughter Bond film producer Harry Saltzman) told that her company, Placeholder Productions, had secured the rights to mount a stage show with book by novelist Dave Clarke ("Keeping Hannah Waiting"), and music and lyrics by country composer Jay Henry Weisz ("Driving Home," "Only One," "Man in the Bar," "The Fight").
"Production schedules and trial runs are still being worked out in anticipation of a late 2017-early 2018 opening," Saltzman said. The show will also introduce "our own Bond girl," she said.
The leading better be more than just a pretty prop. I hope she has kick-ass moves and vocals. Not to mention a killer weapon.
Now that we are all shaken and stirred...we wait in anticipation for James Bond: The Musical.
I was kinda thinking the same thing @shannonl5... I’m wondering if the music will be more rock...oh dude a rock musical would be sick and super cool with a new Bond girl!
Bond movies always had such good music but I don't remember any of it being country? Maybe the composer has other skills. I definitely agree about the new bond girl!