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Wanderlust is a disease that I am happy to have. I can't imagine being content in the same place, with the same people, in the same culture. Every time I see a plane my stomach knots up wondering where those lucky people are escaping too.
Because I know that no matter where they end up, Adventure Awaits.
You can't go somewhere without changing. You will always take away something from a new place, and that new place will take something away from you. And that is not a bad thing, change keeps you young, change helps you like yourself.
Maybe it's because the word is in a different language or maybe its because plane pictures are like a travelers porn but I have an ache to be staring out of a plane window with nothing but the wonderings of whats about to happen flashing across my mind.
Travel is a way to take control of your life, while throwing yourself into the chaos of the unknown. For the free spirit with anxiety issues (guilty) its the perfect way to live a life that would make death afraid to end it. And this idea makes you feel invincible.
Everything to discover has already been discovered right? The "final frontier" of Alaska has about 1 million TLC TV shows, which makes it a lot less mysterious. But there is still so much to explore, you just have to be brave enough to take the leap and open your eyes.
Book that flight now! Take charge of your life, because you only have a short time to live and you might as well love as much of it as you can.
The happiest people are the ones too young to understand anything, or are too old to give a damn anymore. But why can't the middle part of those ages enjoy that freedom as well? Keep curious, its the only way to remain a kid.
If nothing proves how important travel is this should. Those who don't travel are forced to live their lives through the narrow beliefs that they grew up with, never reaching out to view a different world. And that is just depressing to think about.
Cant really argue what that now can we?
So get planning!
I do REALLY want to travel sometime soon though. What places would you suggest for 'beginners' lol?
@danidee oh it really is!! thankfully i got to travel around a bit but i needed more lol
I wish I've had the opportunity to travel. I feel like I have such a wanderlust spirit, but I've never been overseas at all. Traveling really is a luxury!
@danidee omg so many places !!!!! Ireland was my first place!! Maybe a country that speaks your language for the first time but honestly going anywhere new would be the same adventure !!