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The year 2000 was an odd one for fashion, oscillating between the at-times odd late 90's fashion and the bizarre style onset of the early 2000's. Red carpet fashion demonstrated this strange time, and I picked the most memorable red carpet style moments of the year 2000.
Above: a classic pick, when Jennifer Lopez in Versace at the 2000 Grammy's made her bare-all style known to all.
Britney Spears at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards.
Destiny's Child at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, in one of their glorious set of matching looks that could only have been designed by Tina Knowles.
Sisqo (remember the Thong Song?) at the 2000 Grammys, dressed in red leather pants, gloves, and a vest... but missing one shirt.
Christina Aguilera at the 2000 VHI Music Awards, in her early 2000's favorite hiphugger style with more skin than fabric showing, and also crimped hair, which doesn't need an explanation.
Aaron Carter at the 2000 Grammys in a pint-size white tux and a stance that says, "sup?"
Tyra Banks circa her Life Size days and pre-America's Next Top Model, looking ever the part of a barbie at the 2000 Oscars.
Jessica Simpson at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, in feathery arm warmers that closely resemble pool floaties. We'll hand it to her, though, they do make her LBD more interesting...
And that was the year 2000! Above is a pic of 3LW (remember this half of the Cheetah Girls?) at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, to finish off this card in true year 2000 style.
Oh my goodness this is great! This is taking me down memory lane haha
Well, in, 2000, I had the same boots as Jessica Simpson is wearing above, and I LOVED them.
Well, maybe not. (But I do seem to remember owning a pair of arm warmers at one point.)
@lisafaye I'm sure you didn't wear them with those arm warmers though!