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Over 40 new comics covers have been leaked ahead of their official release

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that Marvel is relaunching their entire universe after the end of the Secret Wars story arc. The new lineup features a more diverse cast of characters, which suggests that Marvel is trying to reach a broader audience. I definitely laud them for that: It's about time!

Aside from the new lineup, we haven't gotten a lot of information yet about what the new universe will look like.

We don't know what story arcs will be explored, how the new teams will be formed, and how much of our favorite characters will remain familiar after the reboot. And the leaked covers raise more questions than ever...

Spider-Woman #1

W: Dennis Hopeless A: Javier Rodriguez “Parent by day. Hero by night.”
Wow. Spider-Woman is eight months pregnant (which reflects the eight months we'll have to wait after the end of Secret Wars before the new comics are released). I have to say, she looks pretty kick-ass. I've never seen a pregnant superhero before. While I'm kind of done with the can-she-have-it-all storyline so many strong female characters struggle eith (when's the last time a male character was asked that question?), I'm tentatively hopeful about this release. Mayne they'll have something new to say about the old trope?

All-New All-Different Avengers #1

W: Mark Waid A: Adam Kubert, Mahmud Asrar CA: Alex Ross “Earth’s most dedicated heroes.”
Aside from this cover, there's not a lot of Iron Man in this leak. Which is SUPER WEIRD because he's the centerpiece of all of their merch and publicity. So either those covers aren't finalized yet, or Marvel is being more careful with them. There's plenty of cool new stuff to get excited about though. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and Jane Foster's Thor are part of the Avengers team along with more familiar faces (including SAM WILSON as Captain America, but I'll get to that. As for the Guardians cover: is Venom on the team now? Is Thing on the team now?! Is Kitty Pryde LEADING the team as the Starlord now?!

What villain is gonna be fool enough to take these teams on?

Sam Wilson, Captain America #1

W: Nick Spencer A: Daniel Acuña “Who do you stand with?”
That's Steve Rogers, older now because the serum is wearing off. And on the right is Sam Wilson, carfying the shield. And in between them is a giant schism designed to make everyone sad. Seriously what is going to drive these two apart? Even though I feel like my heart is in a meatgrjnder over this ckber, I'm glad to see that Sam is the one holding ths sheild. It's clear from the title that the emphasis going forward will be how Sam carries the mantle of Captain America. As much as I love Steve Rogers, the hero identity doesn't belong solely to him.

It looks like Marvel is parting from the old to make way for new ideas and stories.

Which new release are you most looking forward to? Do you like the new versions of your old favorites? You can see the rest of the leaked covers here, if you think you can handle that much excitement.
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I'm really looking forward to the Ms. Marvel solo comics! I love her :D