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It's amazing what fans will do when they really miss a TV show. When they're not busy mourning the loss of Jon Snow, Game of Thrones fans are photoshopping Nicholas Cage's face onto different Game of Thrones characters. Like Nic Cage, the results are terrifying and awesome.
Nic Cage is the obvious choice for this joke. He is a national treasure. And the butt of many jokes on the Internet.
Jon Snow may be dead, but Nic Cage as Jon Snow is very much alive.
Check out the entire album of thirty different characters here.
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Nic Cage as Jon Snow is pretty incredible..
Hodor Nic Cage that one is great!
I think it’s Cage’s expressive eyebrows @jokes!
This is hilarious.
Does Nicholas Gage know that fans are doing these to his face? lol