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It's hard to get up early and travel to work. Everyone knows that, but music makes everything better. Here's a raucous playlist to get your heart pumping while you get to work.

1. Dirty Pretty Things // Waterloo to Anywhere

Kick off your day with this track from British spinoff band Dirty Pretty Things. It is a fantastic dirty brit-punk track with a catchy guitar line and travel-centric lyrics that will make you feel like you can go pretty much anywhere.

2. The Strokes // Reptilla

Drown out the noise of the subway car or the highway with this supremely recognizable track from The Strokes. It'll remind you of something you've heard in a commercial, and when you listen all the way through it'll really get you amped. Julian Casablancas' voice just has a way of doing that.

3. Green Day // Stop When The Red Lights Flash

This track is not as popular as say, Boulevard of Broken Dreams or American Idiot, but it will take you to another level during your commute. It's a classic rock and roll track with chugging guitars and gritty vocals. Let it wake you up if you're starting to fall asleep. The live version's got some extra kick, but the recorded one is just as good.

4. The Ramones // Rockaway Beach

If your commute sucks, put on this Ramones track, it'll take you to another place. It's sing-along chorus and almost beachy vibe will give you a couple minutes of escape during your morning grind.

5. The Clash // Train In Vein

This classic Clash track will get you moving in your seat, or behind the wheel. It's a definite mood booster, though the lyrics are largely about loss. This is also a great track to walk down the street to.

7. Joy Ride // The Killers

This is a strutting song. It's fantastical Vegas-centric lyrics make you want to dance. I always feel like I'm walking down a runway when I listen to this song and you will too. Trust me. I dare you not to love it.
Download the live version for lead singer Brandon Flowers' festive antics from Albert Hall.

8. The Libertines // Up The Bracket

The title track from one of my favorite albums of all time is a real rattlesnake. It kicks and delivers a lot of musical movement in a few short minutes. It's nursery-rhyme melody couples with guitar lines that would get any metal head going and creates the perfect soundscape to push you to your destination when you're feeling your most tired.