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Lets talk about the most cringe worthy, painful, awkward, makes you want to crawl into a hole and die moment of any child's life. When a sex scene comes on the TV. The imagery, the dirty talk, the moaning for christ sake! I use to think it was bad when a Viagra commercial played, let alone the full out sex that you now see in pretty much every show after 9pm.
The best part is, almost every child no matter how old or sexually experienced reacts the same way. And it is hilariously awkward.
1. The instant panic when you realize whats about to happen.
2. The only thought that can cross your mind when you realize you are stuck on the couch with your parents.
3. When your sibling looks to you for moral support but by doing that is acknowledging the clear discomfort in the room...making it worse! Ass.
4. The panic is real. You even feel yourself starting to sweat. You steal a quick glance at your parents and they are watching the TV like this is totally normal. Weird.
5. Suddenly you become super interested in your phone. So interested you don't even realize that insanely loud sex is occurring on the TV...amazing right? That Instagram feed must be epic.
6. Your mom tried to make a joke, because watching soft porn with them is totally normal right. But this is how you respond.
7. You make up any excuse to get out of there after the scene from hell. "oh no the stove is still on" works pretty well.
8. You escape to the kitchen and realize you are finally safe. You text all of your friends what happened and try to cope with the trauma that has just occurred.
9. And then you realize that while this moment is is only going to happen again.
We all feel your pain my friend.
I remember when I was like 11 I watched one of the older James Bonds with my parents (one with Sean connery). I forgot which one it was, but it had a long, intense sex scene. One of most awkward moments of my life
Most parents feel the same
It's so awkward! I think I find it awkward even if I am watching a sex scene with friends. I'm just like...WHERE DO I LOOK!?
Hey its no picnic for adults either. Parents want to crawl away or change the screen but cant. It would make it more awkward.
Ooooh no @jokes so awkward T_T
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